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MADE FROM REALITY : We makes video games, but it’s really important to know the real thing. – KAZ #‎GTSport

Gamescom 2016 ! Les portes du grand Salon du Jeu Vidéo en Allemagne sont ouvertes ! Polyphony, studio créateur de Gran Turismo, avec son Team Principal, Kazunori Yamauchi, dénommé KAZ nous propose une montée à bord d’une BMW M6 GT3 pour aborder la course des 24h au Nürburgring 2016. Profitons de ce film “Made From Reality” mixant nos passions communes : le jeu vidéo et la course auto.

Présentation du film MADE FROM REALITY

Ce film “Made From Reality” nous emmène dans les coulisses de l’événement, et les préparations pour affronter the Green Hell track. Alors que la vidéo met en lumière les détails relatifs à GT Sport, il offre un regard fascinant sur le Team Walkenhorst. La BMW M6 a couru la course avec plus de capteurs que toute autre voiture, ainsi le team obtiennent des informations en temps réel pour alimenter directement le jeu. Aussi, cette vidéo confirme que l’auto de course BMW M6 GT3 est présent en jeu GT Sport.

« On réalise des jeux vidéo,
mais il est important de savoir de quoi on parle. »
– KAZ ‪#‎GTSport‬


‘We makes video games, but it’s really important to know the real thing.’ – KAZ ‪#‎GTSport‬
With hail hammering down on the cars right from the get-go and non-stop crashes, Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi took part in this year’s 44th Nürburgring 24h race, taking the wheel of a Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3. This beautifully-made documentary takes you all the way from the initial preparations right through to the checkered flag and features interviews with the people who made it happen.
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マシンを襲う突然の雹。続発するクラッシュ。44回目を迎えた今年のニュルブルクリンク24時間レースにヴァルケンホーストBMW M6 GT3で挑んだ「グランツーリスモ」シリーズ・プロデューサー山内一典。その準備からフィニッシュまでを美しい映像と関係者の証言で綴ります。

English summary

Polyphony Bringing New “Made From Reality” Nürburgring Documentary to Gamescom 2016

With the doors set to open at the Koelnmesse in Cologne in only two days (three for the general public), Polyphony has revealed its plans for the event. Leading the charge is a newly-released video detailing Kazunori Yamauchi’s exploits at the Nürburgring 24H race earlier this year behind the wheel of the Walkenhorst BMW M6 GT3.

“Made From Reality” takes us behind the scenes of the event, and the immense levels of preparation that goes into an attack on the Green Hell. While the video is light on details relating to GT Sport, it nonetheless offers a fascinating look at the team dynamic in the Walkenhorst garage. Kazunori believes the M6 ran the race with more sensors than any other car, as the team would glean info from real-time to feed directly into the game.

Of particular note is the glowing statements about night driving. Yamauchi’s co-drivers discuss how the fans bring the circuits to life at night via lights and flares. Matias Henkola, co-driver of the #101 PlayStation car, says “the things that you see out of the windscreen, it’s like out of a movie.” With night racing yet to be seen in GT Sport, we’re curious to see how this unique atmosphere will be captured in-game.

Henkola also calls Yamauchi one of his “childhood heroes”, recounting how he played the first game for hours on end when it first released almost two decades ago. Last month, he outed the M6 GT3 as one of the cars included in GT Sport, and this video confirms the car is indeed in, with a demonstration playing behind Kazunori as early as 0:37 in the video (hat tip to Nico_Ble99 for first catching it).

English excerpts & quotes via GTPlanet

Source et images :
Polyphony Digital


Il existe, également, un superbe film documentaire sur le personnage de Kazunori Yamauchi et son amour pour le sport automobile, d’une durée de 1h24, disponible sur YouTube :

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