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Renault Sport Car Pack avec la Renault Sport R.S.01 et la Mégane Trophy #ProjectCARS … Ready! Go!

Conçu à la base uniquement pour le Renault Sport Trophy dans le cadre des World Series by Renault, la Renault Sport R.S. 01 a reçu quelques modifications pour satisfaire de nouvelles homologations GT3. En effet, le constructeur au losange fera courir deux R.S.01 lors de la finale du GT Tour au Paul Ricard. La FFSA a accordé de la classer en GT3. En résumé les freins carbones sont remplacés par des modèles en acier, la hauteur de caisse a augmenté. En plus, elle reçoit une ballaste de 50 kg, en supplément des 25 kg supplémentaires du aux changements techniques. L’aéro a aussi été modifiée pour offrir plus de traînée et réduire l’appui. Mais ça, c’est In Real Life… et dans la même période, Renault Sport annonce préparer un pack de véhicule pour Project CARS ! Marrant, quand on sait que le précédant mettait à l’honneur des véhicules Lotus, et en sachant l’annonce en Formule 1 comme quoi Renault rachète Lotus, et annonce officiellement son engagement en Formule 1 pour la saison 2016 ! Rapport, on ne sais pas, quoi qu’il en soit, ENJOY! Car la R.S.01 est une superbe supercar Renault, si ce n’est la meilleur avec moteur by NISMO ! Et la Mégane RS 275 Trophy R aussi est top pour sa catégorie ! MAJ 22/12/2015 : Article mis à jour avec descriptif et nouvelle vidéo !

Project CARS – Renault Sport DLC Teaser

Teaser for the upcoming Renault Sport DLC, coming soon to Project CARS! Project CARS continues its programme of continual updates and delivery of fresh new content with the release of the Renault Sport Car Pack with Renault Sport R.S.01, Formula Renault 3.5, Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R and Mégane Trophy V6. Renault Sport Car Pack will be available on 22th December.

Renault Sport Car Pack

Le jeu vidéo Project CARS poursuit donc son programme de mises à jour régulières et de publication de nouveaux contenus, avec la sortie du Renault Sport Car Pack, comprenant la Renault Sport R.S. 01, la Formule Renault 3.5, la Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R et la Mégane Trophy V6. Le Pack Renault Sport sera disponible le 22 Décembre prochain.

RS01 - Project CARS

RS01 – Project CARS

MAJ 22/12/2015 :

Project CARS Renault Sport Car Pack

The #RenaultSport Car Pack is out now on all platforms! This month's free car is the Radical RXC Turbo. #ByRacers4Racers

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Dès maintenant, on peut piloter in game via le Renault Sport Pack pour Project CARS, 5 nouveaux véhicules sportif de Renault : Renault Sport R.S. 01, Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R, Megane Trophy V6 et …Renault Alpine A442b, Formule Renault 3.5.
… et la voiture gratuite du mois est la Radical RXC (du constructeur anglais Radical Sportcars)

Project CARS Renault Sport Car Pack – Now Available

Today, Project CARS continues its programme of continual updates and fresh content delivery with the release of the Renault Sport Car Pack, introducing five Renault’s most sought-after road & race cars! PROJECT CARS ON DEMAND is our commitment to keeping Project CARS up-to-date with the greatest, freshest, and most critical content whilst also allowing players to pick and choose the cars & tracks they want – without being locked in to a pre-paid scheme. With continual Feature Updates addressing items identified by the community and introducing new functionality, exciting Free Cars and beautiful Community-created Liveries, and a variety of themed Car Packs and Track Expansions, Project CARS is built for the future and continues to be a growing and evolving experience throughout 2015 and beyond led by the racing community around the world.

Project CARS continues its programme of continual updates and delivery of fresh new content with the release of the Renault Sport Car Pack featuring five breathtaking machines from the legendary performance and special vehicles division of Renault.

Cars – Project CARS Renault Sport Car Pack

R.S. 01

Welcome to the future #renaultsport #rs01 #laterthismonth

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A purebred racer down to the core, the R.S. 01 is Renault Sport Technology’s newest creation for on-track competition. Weighing just 1100 kilograms, the R.S. 01 is powered by a 500hp Nissan Nismo V6 3.8 liter twin turbo engine mated to a SADEV seven-speed sequential gearbox. The R.S.01 is packed to the brim with the latest racing technology as the Dallara-built carbon fiber monocoque chassis is equipped with a double wishbone layout suspension, pushrods and Öhlins dampers as well as six-piston carbon brakes and Bosch Motorsport ABS. The R.S. 01 exclusively races in the Renault Sport Trophy that is part of the World Series by Renault events, aiming to provide a proving ground for young drivers looking to make it up the sports car racing ladder.

Formula Renault 3.5 Series

Tearing up Eau Rouge #formularenault #thebestcornerintheworld #pureauthenticity

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​The Formula Renault 3.5 Series is a major step on the career ladder of drivers aiming to make it to the highest echelons of open wheel racing. Using a Dallara-built carbon chassis, the Formula 3.5 Series open wheeler is equipped with all technology aspiring open wheel drivers need to master to make it to the top, including a powerful 530hp Gibson V8 engine, semi-automatic gearbox, carbon brakes and sophisticated data logging to analyze and improve driver performance. Furthermore, the high-downforce open wheeler is also using a F1-style Drag Reduction System rear wing, allowing spectacular passing moves as drivers can activate higher straight-line speeds to make it past their opponents.

Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R

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The Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R continues Renault’s tradition of class-leading hot hatches, creating a racy track special that proves a lot of racing spirit can hide in hatchback form. A stripped back, two-seater version of the regular Megane R.S. 275, the Trophy-R clinched the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record for two wheel-drive production vehicles at launch in 2014, lapping the Green Hell in just 7:54.361. The impressive on-track performance has been archived by lowering the car’s weight by no less than 100 kilos compared to the standard model while raising the power output to 275hp. Trademark features of the Trophy-R include Recaro Pole Position seats, a limited slip differential, adjustable Ohlins Road and Track dampers, and 19-inch wheels equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber.

Mégane Trophy V6

Low profile #laterthismonth #meganetrophyv6 #renaultsport

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Built by Renault Sport Technologies, the Megane Trophy V6 was used in Renault’s long-running Eurocup Megane Trophy racing series all across Europe. Built around a FIA-approved tube frame chassis, the Megane Trophy car is powered by a 3.5 liter V6 24V engine, providing the driver with 360hp to battle it out on track. Weighing little over 1000 kilograms, the car features advanced racing technologies such as a paddle-shifting system, double wishbone suspension and adjustable dampers.


The winner of the 1978 @24hoursoflemans #a442 #renaultalpine #comingsoon

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The 442B is one of Renault’s most successful race cars ever built, helping the French company to its only overall victory at the legendary 24 Heures du Mans. Powered by a Renault-Gordini 2-liter V6 turbo engine, the 442B was the most extreme of Renault’s Le Mans competitors, featuring a glass bubble canopy over the cockpit for improved straight-line performance on the track’s legendary Mulsanne straight. After several unsuccessful tries, the 442B finally helped Renault on the top of the podium at Le Mans in 1978, being driven by Frenchmen Jean-Pierre Jaussaud and Didier Pironi. Their victory came as a result of hard work behind the wheel as Pironi turned out to be too tired to even climb the podium after bringing the prototype to the checkered flag.

Radical RXC Turbo

Powered by a Ford Duratec 37 Ti-VCT engine providing 460hp, the RXC Turbo is the newest creation by the prototype specialists at Radical Sports Cars. The RXC marks the first time Radical has created a coupe-style car, featuring an LMP-inspired body with gullwing doors and GT3-spec rear wing. Weighing just 935 kilograms, the RXC is able to reach a top-end speed of 298 kilometers per hour, sprinting from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.6 seconds. While the two Radical sports cars already available in Project CARS have been designed for on-track competition, the RXC Turbo is fully road legal, making it a potent weapon against many of the high-performance sports cars in Project CARS’ roster. Despite being something you can drive on the road, the car is equipped with all the bells and whistles Radical’s vast racing experience offers, including a full roll cage with front and rear crashboxes, an Intrax Racing Suspension inboard pushrod suspension system, and a sophisticated full electronic data logging system.

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