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Bentley new Continental Supersports : fastest powerful model …moteur W12 de 710 ch.

Bentley a publié récemment un teaser qui veut tout dire : ‘The most extreme Bentley ever… is coming.’. A la veille du NAIAS 2017 – North American International Auto Show, January 8-22, 2017 – Bentley annonce officiellement ‘the most powerful’ de ses autos produites : Bentley Continental Supersports.

Continental Supersports – 2017 – Teaser

The most extreme Bentley ever… is coming.

Une vidéo publiée par Bentley Motors Official (@bentleymotors) le

Moteur Moteur W12 ?

Un moteur dénommé W12 est un bloc de 12 cylindres disposés en W. Utilisé chez le Groupe VW, un tel moteur est constitué de deux blocs VR6 disposés à 72°.

Volkswagen Group currently produces W12 engines. It is constructed by mating two narrow-angle 15° VR6 engines at an inclined angle of 72°.[1] The narrow angle of each set of cylinders allows just two overhead camshafts to drive each pair of banks, so just four are needed in total. The advantage of the W12 engine is its compact packaging.

Bentley Continental GT Speed - under the hood - W12

Bentley Continental GT Speed – under the hood – W12

Moteur Continental Supersports 2017

La nouvelle n’est pas la première Bentley a hérité de la dénomination ‘Supersports’. En effet, la Continental GT a connu une version Supersports avec moteur W12 poussé à 630 ch et 800 Nm. Le 0 à 100 km/h est alors dépassé en 4 secondes et la vitesse de pointe s’élève à 329 km/h.

La nouvelle dénommé Continental Supersports ? C’est 710 chevaux et 750 Nm grâce au moteur W12 6,0 litres qui gagne un turbocompresseur de plus grande contenance.

The increase in power comes from larger turbochargers and revised intercoolers. Bentley’s engineers went through the W12’s bottom end to beef it up, upgrading the main and rod bearings.

The only available transmission is the same ZF 8 speed automatic that other GTs receive but the torque converter has been redesigned to lock up faster, allowing the Supersports to shift quicker to take advantage of the W12’s torque curve. Like the GT3-R, this new model gets a titanium exhaust that will crackle and sound off every time the engine decelerates.

– According to pursuingwo.com – online Bentley enthusiast community

La ‘New’ Bentley Continental Supersports peut ainsi abattre le 0 à 100 km/h en 3,5 secondes et peut atteindre la vitesse maximale de 336 km/h.

La puissance est transmise aux quatre roues via une boîte automatique à huit rapports produit par ZF.

Les freins carbone céramique se cachent derrière des jantes de 21 pouces enveloppées dans des pneumatiques chaussés en 275/35.

Continental Supersports - 2017 - front wheel / roue avant

Continental Supersports – 2017 – front wheel / roue avant

Design Continental Supersports 2017

Bentley ajoute à sa super-sportive du carbone présent au niveau des boucliers, sur les extensions de bas de caisse, et au niveau des embouts d’échappement.

Continental Supersports - 2017 - avant / front

Continental Supersports – 2017 – avant / front

Continental Supersports - 2017 - profil avant / front side-face

Continental Supersports – 2017 – profil avant / front side-face

Continental Supersports - 2017 - profil / side-face

Continental Supersports – 2017 – profil / side-face

Continental Supersports - 2017 - arrière / rear

Continental Supersports – 2017 – arrière / rear

Bentley Masterclass – John Paul Gregory on Sketching Supersports

‘Here are just three lines which make any Bentley Continental instantly recognisable. The fast fly line – the silhouette of the car. Then the power line which is the sharp line which comes over the front wheel, and then the haunch over the rear wheel. These three lines define the core character of the Continental GT.’ – John Paul Gregory, Bentley Motors Head of Exterior Design

Pour l’intérieur, les responsables du style se sont fait plaisir avec un habitacle paré de trois teintes, avec des motifs diamantés pour les sièges et les panneaux de porte. Le bandeau de la planche de bord est recouvert d’un motif à damier, tandis que l’Alcantara fait son apparition au niveau de l’embase du sélecteur de vitesses et du volant.

Continental Supersports - 2017 - sièges / seats

Continental Supersports – 2017 – sièges / seats

Continental Supersports - 2017 - intérieur / interior

Continental Supersports – 2017 – intérieur / interior

English full summary

Bentley is today announcing its fastest and most powerful production model to date: the new Bentley Continental Supersports.

A top speed of 209 mph (336 km/h) and a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds) make the new Continental Supersports the world’s fastest and most powerful luxury four-seat car.

Similarly, its soft-top sibling, the Continental Supersports Convertible, is the fastest four-seat convertible in the world, despatching the sprint to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.9 secs) on its way to a 205 mph (330 km/h) top speed.

Bentley’s mighty W12 engine, redeveloped for the Supersports with new high-performance turbos and engine hardware, and a torque vectoring system create a Continental Supersports as agile as it is powerful. Meanwhile, unique styling cues inside and out give the new model a sharpened athletic appearance highlighting its performance potential.

As well as offering supercar pace and a highly focused driving experience, there is no compromise in the refined nature of the Continental’s ride quality. This fusion of extremes in luxury and performance make the Supersports the ultimate iteration of a model that has come to define and dominate the grand touring genre.

« The Supersports name is legendary at Bentley. From the very first Supersports of the 1920s, to the Continental Supersports of 2009 – and now with the third iteration of this iconic model – it is a name which excites, impassions and thrills. Only Bentley could create a car which blends immense performance and unrivalled luxury in this way.” – Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors

A bespoke drivetrain featuring Bentley’s W12 engine combines extreme power and torque to offer exhilarating performance.

Key to the Supersports’ additional outputs are newly designed, higher-capacity turbochargers and a revised charge-air cooling system which create more boost and additional power. In order to harness these additional outputs, upgrades have also been made to the Continental’s cranktrain, including new main and conrod bearings.

These extensive engine revisions result in an increase of 80 PS (79 bhp) and 217 Nm (160 lb.ft.) over the 2009 Supersports model – a 10 percent power-to-weight and 25 percent torque-to-weight ratio improvement. The top speed rises by five miles per hour (and the 0-60 mph time drops by 0.3 seconds).

Continental Supersports - 2017 - speed road

Continental Supersports – 2017 – speed road

The Supersports also benefits from a new torque converter which locks up faster allowing the car to make best use of the enhanced torque figure of 1,017 Nm (750 lb. ft.), and accelerate from standstill even more rapidly.

In order to rein in this immense performance the new Supersports is fitted with high-performance carbon ceramic brakes with enhanced cooling. The brake discs are the largest of their type in the world, providing excellent performance with minimal fade under extreme conditions.

The brakes sit behind lightweight 21” forged alloy wheels, together offering a 20 kg weight saving in unsprung mass. A further 5 kg weight-saving is offered via an optional titanium exhaust system. The new Supersports is the lightest-ever iteration of the current Continental GT and lighter than the 2009 four-seat Supersports model.

Enhancing the driver experience still further, the exhaust system has been redesigned to breathe more freely and provide an unmistakeable Bentley soundtrack, with down-shifts eliciting a rifle-fire crackle.

This performance is matched by athletic handling. The Supersports has a specifically calibrated and updated version of the torque vectoring system first introduced on the Continental GT3-R.

This dynamic system brakes individual front and rear wheels during acceleration out of corners to increase performance, whilst maintaining full power to unbraked wheels, and brakes the inside rear wheel on turn-in to improve agility. It also has a bespoke, less intrusive stability control calibration for a more precise chassis response.

The new Supersports retains the rear-biased torque split of Bentley’s all-wheel-drive system, sending 60 per cent of the engine’s power to the rear wheels as standard for a better balanced, more sporting character, but with the ability to adjust the front-rear power split depending on available traction.

Despite the focus on sharper driving dynamics, the Supersports’ lowered and stiffened dynamic suspension set-up retains all of its luxurious ride quality for passengers wishing to cover long distances in supreme comfort.

The new Continental Supersports features unique exterior and interior styling cues which reflect the significant uplift in the performance capability of this pinnacle grand tourer.

Continental Supersports - 2017 - front road

Continental Supersports – 2017 – front road

Exterior changes include newly sculpted front and rear bumper designs incorporating a carbon-fibre splitter and diffuser respectively, new side sill extensions and bonnet vents also finished in carbon-fibre, gloss-black front wing vents and a new gloss-black, rifled exhaust tailpipe design. Completing the dramatic exterior look are dark-tint headlamps and tail-lamps, and a complement of black-finished brightware to the front grilles, lights, rear bumper, door handles and window surrounds.

There is also an optional, aerodynamically balanced rear spoiler and front splitter combination for the coupe, new Supersports badging, a new black and bright-machined finish for the 21” forged alloy wheels and optional side decals. Further highlighting the enhanced performance, an optional gloss-finished, Supersports-branded carbon-fibre engine cover can be specified.

The new Continental Supersports Convertible offers the luxury and refinement of a coupé yet transforms into a head-turning open-tourer at the touch of a button. The multi-layer hood ensures high levels of refinement and acoustic insulation. Exhaustively tested in all conditions from -30°C to +50°C or more, it resists even monsoon-force rain and maintains comfortable, draft-free warmth even on the coldest days.

Another practical feature, the neck warmer, makes open air driving an appealing and comfortable prospect even on the cooler days of spring and autumn. With the hood down, the Continental Supersports Convertible offers sensational performance with the sensory amplification of open-air motoring. Hood up, it’s as practical a year-round proposition as its coupé stablemate.

Inside, a host of bespoke styling details enhance the contemporary British luxury experience.

A unique colour split has been created, using three colours: the first tri-tone interior offered in this generation Continental GT. A new diamond-quilted design is incorporated in the seats and door side panels for a unique signature in Alcantara, while chequered Supersports carbon-fibre fascia panels join the existing list of ten veneers and technical finishes available. The interior is completed by new Supersports emblem stitching, and a bespoke Supersports steering wheel and unique gearlever, both featuring Alcantara accents.

A titanium exhaust option is available for drivers seeking a more intense audible experience. As well as a stirring soundtrack, the Titanium system also provides a weight reduction.

For Supersports customers seeking even more personalisation, an ‘X Specification’ pack is available, consisting of eight unique duo-tone paint treatments and carbon-fibre door mirrors and heel plates. The titanium exhaust option is included, as is a carbon-fibre finish to the interior side panels, the carbon-fibre engine cover and a gloss black finish to the 21” forged wheels.

Continental Supersports - 2017 - rear road

Continental Supersports – 2017 – rear road

New Bentley Continental Supersports is here – video

The new Continental Supersports takes the phenomenal performance, handling and speed of the first generation to new levels. The pure essence of Bentley, it is the most powerful model ever produced. Its supercar performance is the result of an astonishing 700 bhp (710 PS) harnessed with engineering innovations that include torque-vectoring developed by Bentley Motorsport.

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