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Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport : restyler sans élimer le style & préparer le V6 pour 400 ch.

Restyler la F-TYPE de Jaguar. Voilà le nouveau projet du Team design de la maison des automobiles Jaguar. Présentation du modèle année 2018 ou MY2018 vocable utilisé par l’industrie automobile. Mais surtout on découvre la 400 Sport launch edition.

“Great sports car design is about proportion and purity. The most challenging element of the process for designers is to focus on and maintain an exciting silhouette that promises performance.

For the 2018 model year F-TYPE, we looked at how we could fine-tune key details to deliver even more clarity of purpose in the overall design – for the driver, the passenger and onlookers.”

– Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar

Design Jaguar F-TYPE MY2018

Afin de ne pas élimer le style du dessin de la très réussi F-TYPE, les retouches sont minimes et orientées sur les détails de la carrosserie, afin de ne pas casser l’équilibre félin de la sportive anglaise. Les modifications se concentrent principalement sur la face avant, adoptant de nouvelles prises d’air – adieu aux deux écopes verticales – ainsi que de nouveaux optiques full LED. Du détail …quoi.

New Jaguar F-TYPE – SVR & 400 Sport

The new F-TYPE range offers even more driver-focused technology than ever, from the All Wheel Drive F-TYPE SVR – Jaguar’s all-weather supercar – to the exclusive 400 SPORT launch edition. Featuring a 400PS version of the 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine, F-TYPE 400 SPORT is complemented by an uprated chassis comprising the Super Performance braking system, Configurable Dynamics and 20-inch wheels with a unique Dark Satin Grey finish.

For the 2018 model year the front end look becomes clearer and more powerful, with LED headlights adding a technological edge. Inside, lightweight slimline seats deliver more style, more room and greater comfort. A harmonious selection of new interior finishes and materials give the F-TYPE a more exotic feel.

A key aim of the design process was to establish a stronger, purer statement for the F-TYPE’s front-end form, while also providing clearer visual differentiation between the different models. The addition of full LED headlights and slimline seats make the car’s aesthetics even more striking and significantly enhance the driving experience.

The F-TYPE’s grille shape and graphic are unchanged, remaining – as ever – key elements in the sports car’s design DNA. However, for the 2018 model year, designers paid particular attention to the bumpers, introducing bolder surfaces and simpler forms with discreet signature features subtly enhancing the front end form, providing greater differentiation across the model range, from the F-TYPE up to the F-TYPE SVR.

In place of its predecessor’s double ‘shark gill’ apertures, the new F-TYPE features large, powerful single apertures with a lozenge mesh design. Building on this design theme, the F-TYPE R-Dynamic models gain Gloss Black bezels.

Reflecting the step up in power and performance, the 550PS V8 R features larger, wider apertures with a distinctive horizontal blade to further accentuate the car’s visual width. The 575PS V8 SVR’s 200mph potential is clearly expressed through unique apertures designed to offer the maximum possible airflow and aerodynamic efficiency.

The new full LED headlights help to signal the greater clarity in the F-TYPE’s design language. Jaguar’s distinctive J-Blade daytime running lights are retained, and these now double as the direction indicators, with the lamp’s ‘eyelid’ indexing with the bonnet’s cutline to further accentuate the lights’ multi-layered graphics.

The improved aesthetics are more than matched by performance and functionality: light from the LEDs has a colour temperature of 5,500-6,000K, making it similar to natural daylight. Putting higher-quality light on the road improves visibility, helps to alleviate fatigue on long drives and makes it easier for drivers to spot hazards earlier.

The Adaptive Front Lighting system makes the new LED headlights even more effective. Networking them to the vehicle’s suite of sensors enables them to switch intelligently between four main driving modes: City, Country, Motorway and Bad Weather.

In normal conditions at up to 30mph (48km/h), City Mode provides a wide-angle low beam setting that helps the driver see pedestrians and side roads more easily in built-up areas. To aid progress in heavy rain, Bad Weather mode activates at speeds of up to 40mph (64km/h).

When the F-TYPE accelerates above 30mph (48km/h), Country Mode activates, providing a narrower, longer beam to improve distance visibility. At speeds beyond 56mph (90km/h), Motorway Mode sets its focus further down the road to enable the driver to see even further.

The LED rear light clusters have been subtly updated too. The characteristic light graphic of a horizontal line intersecting a roundel – a feature inherited from the iconic Jaguar E-type – is now accentuated by darker lenses to give the car an even more purposeful appearance.

Design Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport

To mark the introduction of the new F-TYPE range Jaguar has developed the exclusive 400 SPORT launch edition. Offered worldwide but for one model year only, the 400 SPORT features an uprated version of the supercharged 3.0-litre V6 with maximum power increased from 380PS to 400PS. Customers will be able to choose between rear- and all-wheel drive to suit their preferred driving style, and all models benefit from the eight-speed Quickshift transmission and mechanical limited-slip differential.

Distinctive Yellow and Dark Satin Grey 400 SPORT badges on the front and rear hint at the 400PS beneath the clamshell bonnet and perfectly complement the choice of Indus Silver, Santorini Black or Yulong White paint. The car’s perfect proportions are enhanced with the Sport Design Pack comprising a more prominent front splitter, extended side sills and rear diffuser finished in sleek Dark Satin Grey.

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport - 2017 - front light / optique avant

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport – 2017 – front light / optique avant

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport - 2017 - front side-face / profil avant

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport – 2017 – front side-face / profil avant

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport - 2017 - rear top / toit arrière

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport – 2017 – rear top / toit arrière

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport - 2017 - rear light / optique arrière

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport – 2017 – rear light / optique arrière

Cette version 400 Sport de la F-TYPE se distingue par ses jantes de 20 pouces spécifiques, système de freinage ‘Super Performance’ (380 mm à l’AV, 376 mm à l’AR) avec des étriers peints en noir, un système ‘Configurable Dynamics’ pour le paramétrage de la voiture, des inserts gris mat ‘Dark Satin Grey’ contrastant avec des badges et surpiqûres jaunes.

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport - 2017 - wheel / jante

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport – 2017 – wheel / jante

The extra power is complemented by an uprated chassis comprising Super Performance braking system featuring 380mm front and 376mm rear discs and black calipers with 400 SPORT logo, 20-inch wheels with unique Dark Grey Satin finish and the Configurable Dynamics system which allows drivers to select individual settings for the throttle, transmission, steering and dampers.

The cabin benefits from the same attention to detail. Yellow contrast stitching is used throughout the premium leather interior, and the 400 SPORT logo is embroidered into the headrests of the slimline Performance seats with 12-way adjustment. Additional 400 SPORT branding is applied to the flat-bottomed steering wheel, black brushed aluminium centre console finisher and the sill treadplates. Anodised aluminium gearshift paddles are another highlight of the driver-focused cockpit.

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport - 2017 - onboard - interior / intérieur

Jaguar F-TYPE 400 Sport – 2017 – onboard – interior / intérieur

Moteur Jaguar F-TYPE MY2018

Pour célébrer ce restylage Model Year 2018, Jaguar propose une série spéciale ‘F-Type 400 Sport’. Pour 400 ch.

C’est la seule évolution mécanique de la gamme F-Type composée des V6 340 ch et V6 S 380 ch (V6 3.0L compresseur), des V8 R de 550 ch et V8 SVR de 575 ch (V8 5.0L compresseur), disponibles en 2 et 4 roues motrices (RWD/AWD), en Coupé et Cabriolet.

Jaguar FTYPE - V6 Supercharged Engine

Jaguar FTYPE – V6 Supercharged Engine

Dans sa version 380 ch, le moteur V6 3.0L essence est capable de passer de 0 à 100 km/h en 5,5 secondes. Ces moteurs 100 % aluminium permettent d’accéder instantanément à des niveaux exceptionnels de performances et de couple, quelle que soit la vitesse du moteur, tout en donnant au véhicule une sonorité unique.

Basée sur V6 3.0L de 380 ch, la 400 Sport développe une puissance 400 ch. à 6500 tr/min et 460 Nm de couple entre 3500 et 5500 tr/min.

Chassis Jaguar F-TYPE MY2018

New Jaguar F-TYPE – Ride and Handling

Exceptional control, agility and feedback; F‑TYPE’s strong, lightweight aluminium body is the perfect platform for a sports car.

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It’s all part of what Jaguar calls the 2018 model year roadster and coupe, freshly unveiled to coincide with the Detroit motor show 2017, despite Jaguar having no presence in Motown USA! Cette semaine c’est aussi le Salon internationale Auto Moto Van, en Belgique. Et on peut voir la New F-TYPE.

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